Welcome to Limey Bikes. Vintage Japanese motorcycles

Specializing in ONLY pre 1980 (with exceptions) Japanese vintage motorcycles. That’s all we do as we believe that shops should stick to what they are good at and not try to do everything just to make a buck.
However, if your engine was designed in the 60′s or 70′s but manufactured in the 80′s… we will also be able to help.
We offer full restorations, engine building, electrical, carburetor rebuilds, chassis upgrades, cafe racers, bobbers, street trackers or just maintenance to help keep these old machines on the road. We DO NOT sell motorcycles, but we do have donors with titles and we will always be happy to build one up from scratch for you.
The Limey does have a huge thing for the Yamaha XS650 and the 500 singles, so you could say it’s a specialty.

If you simply want advice on buying a classic, he can help. He offers honest advice and doesn’t even mind if you’d like to watch and learn a few tips on keeping your bike in tip-top shape… as long as you are accompanied with a bacon cheeseburger or two.

The Limey now takes debit cards (not credit) and cash, obviously.

Limey Bikes. 900 Old Koenig Lane, Austin, TX 78752. (512) 909 1542

Things the Limey can do for you

Limey Bikes is a full service shop that does everything from oil changes to full restorations on pre 1980 Japanese motorcycles. We offer everything from wheel building, powder coating, engine building, performance tuning, ultrasonic carb cleaning, electrical, polishing, bead blasting and anything else you can think of that’s involved in getting these old machines back to how they should be. See the slidey thing below for more details.

Engine Building

Complete or partial engine building to stock or for performance with a choice of finishes including; bead blasting, polishing, powder-coating or enamels.


We do all the routine service stuff too. Everything including; tires, chains, oil changes, carb syncing, cables, plugs, batteries, etc. etc.


We can get most old carbs to work and look like new with our Ultrasound cleaning system. It really is the best way to clean carbs and the results are amazing!


There are many ways to get a bike to be quicker, and often the ones people choose are the wrong ones. We offer advice on the best bang for your buck, as well as things like gas flowing, ignitions, carbs and weight loss.


The Limey has completed several full restorations of vintage Japanese bikes and will happily take on full ‘back to factory’ restorations to make your 40 year old bike look and perform like it was when it was new.

Custom Builds

Want something a little different? We can help. The Limey can build you what you want the way you want it. From a full on road-racer to a simple bobber, the Limey can create beautiful things that perform as well as they look.


We can fix charging issues, shorts and any other gremlins that you may have. We use OEM connectors, so you will never see a crimp connector from us! We can also do simple custom wiring harnesses for custom builds.


Limey Bikes’ hourly rate is $85. We simply charge for as long as it takes to do the job properly with no hidden extras and no huge mark-ups on parts.


shorai-logoThe Limey is now a Shorai lithium battery and a Pamco ignition dealer, so call for a quote. We can even drop ship Shorai batteries to your door!
Use the Shorai battery selector below for fitments, or call for more specific requirements.

The Flusche XS650

This bike is dedicated to Stephen Flusche and his family […]

1975 XS650 Black Brat

So, we wanted this one to be the proverbial ‘little black dress’ […]

1971 SL125 Resto-Mod

So, apparently sitting in a barn for 30 years isn’t good for a bike […]

KZ900 Full Metal Café

Buy a CB750 it will be a lot easier […]

Strawberry Shortcake XS650

I claimed the XS650 was the best Triumph ever built […]

1975 RD250/350 Restoration

a two pound bag of gunk from the gas tank […]

1977 XS650D Resto-Mod

I advised the owner “get another bike” […]

1976 RD400 Screamer

an RD400 needs a crank that will rotate more than 180 degrees […]

The Hornet XS650 Café Racer

complete with retarded ‘monkey-hanger’ handlebars […]

How to contact the Limey

It’s always better to call using one of those new fangled phone things rather than email as I don’t have time to answer all the pleading emails that I get during the day… especially if you want a quick response. If you simply have to email me things, then use the form below… but I’d rather you didn’t… just call me between 11am and 7pm.

Tel: 512 909 1542. 117, Monday – Saturday

The Limey lives in a little cave underneath a waterfall at 900 Old Koenig Lane… just down from the Corner Shoppe Mall where wondrous animals are stuffed and mounted on planks of wood for apparently no reason that I can think of.

Here’s a map to help you find it:

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1970-1979 XS650 Charging System using Solid State Reg/Rect 24-2089

OK, so I have seen a lot of forums with people asking how to wire up the Mikes XS (Which are actually Ricks Electrosport units, part number 24-2089) solid state regulator/rectifier units on early XS650′s… but I have yet to see a diagram that makes sense… so here’s one I made earlier.
As the PDF says, I have fitted many of these and normally they work great. However, I have come across a few that simply don’t work out of the box. To test this it’s very simple… just connect the blue wire to a live 12V feed and the green to ground, the measure the voltage at the orange wire and it should read close to 12V. If it doesn’t, the unit is bad. Hopefully this will save a lot of head scratching from anyone fitting one of these units for the first time.